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Wrinkles - Wrinkles 2012
Written by Frank Mangano   
Thursday, 23 February 2012 01:44


Having young looking skin is what almost everyone wants. The media has been hyping these days regarding how wrinkles will be eradicated. Almost every advertisement is finding ways to make one achieve young looking skin. This is because when several outfits surveyed women and men, asking them about what part of their face they want to be altered, the constant reply is they want to eradicate wrinkles. Wrinkles are the folding or creasing of the skin. When skin is immersed for a long time in water, such as the case when you do not want to get off the bath when you were a child, the skin forms creases. But when this happens in the bath when you were a child, this is just temporary. Older people are worried about permanent wrinkling of the skin, mostly because the society is giving more importance to young looking skin.

Ordinarily, we cannot stop the aging process, where wrinkling of the skin happens naturally. This is because we always express our emotions through creasing of our face. It is also due to the damages caused by the sun, smoking and poor hydration. But there are ways to slow them down, without resorting to surgery or using drugs, such as the popular injection of Botulinum toxins, or Botox, into the skin. Below are ways to find your path towards younger looking skin:

  1. Drink Water

    Sixty percent of our body is made up of water. When there is decrease in the amount of water, or fluid, in our body, one of its manifestations is the wrinkling of the skin. This is because the body pulls water from the skin first in order to transfer water to the vital organs of our body, such as the heart and brain. By drinking enough amounts of fluids every day, the skin is kept hydrated, and there will be fewer tendencies to develop wrinkles. Remember that water may also come from food. The water contained in the food we eat, such as the vegetables and fruits, can also add to the hydration of our body. Unless contraindicated, always make sure that you are taking in at least 2000 milliliters of water per day. It does not only keep you hydrated, unwanted toxins are also eliminated, helping you more into having healthy and young looking skin.

  2. Take Coenzyme Q-10

    Coenzyme Q-10 is a substance found in the body. It is a substance that assists in the transformation of food into energy. Every cell in the human body has CoEnzyme-Q10 (CoQ 10). Interestingly, CoQ 10 is also found out to be a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are important for it helps in the eradication of free radicals, the substances that compromises the integrity of the cell membrane. When there are a lot of free radicals in our body, the cells die faster, diseases are more prominent. Cancer and heart problems are some of the diseases affected due to damage of the cells caused by the free radicals. To neutralize the free radicals are the antioxidants, such as CoQ 10, which will not only reduce damage to the cells, but may also prevent the body cells from being damaged. Although produced naturally by the human body, CoQ 10 can also be sourced from organ meats, oily fish and whole grains. If taken through supplementation, make sure that CoQ 10 is limited to only 30 to 200 mg per day.

  3. Use Cocoa Butter as Moisturizer

    If one listens carefully to the advertisements of skin products, some are promoting cocoa butter as a type of moisturizer. Cocoa butter is the vegetable oil that is extracted from the cocoa bean. It is used mainly as an ingredient of food products, such as chocolate, cookies and other baked goods. Because of its chocolatey aroma, it is also being used in pharmaceutical products. However, it is not just the aroma that makes cocoa butter a sought after product, it is its ability to moisturize the skin. Because it is a stable fat containing antioxidants, applying it to the skin prevents moisture from easily escaping. As it protects the epidermis, it also penetrates the deeper layer of the skin providing it with vitamin E and antioxidant protection.

  4. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables come in different colors. But despite the varied colors, fruits and vegetables has one thing in common for the skin – its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants eliminate the free radicals that damages the cell membranes, compromising the integrity of the cells and causing the body to develop diseases, such as the nasty cancer and of course, wrinkling of the skin. Increasing intake of fruits and vegetables also helps increase the body fluids, as well as assist in the moisturization of the skin.

  5. Massage your Face

    If wrinkles are already apparent in the skin, no amount of massage can reverse the process. But if wrinkles are not yet developed, massaging the skin prevents the skin from developing wrinkles. Massage has many benefits. First, it stimulates the blood circulation of the skin as well as the production of hydrating oils. When massage is done regularly, the muscle tone is improved and skin creases are being prevented. There are various techniques of giving skin massage; using them well will optimize the results.

  6. Apply Yogurt, Almond Oil or Raw Honey

    The cosmetic market has several types of skin care treatment to help prevent wrinkles. While some advertises that they are natural, some really consists of chemicals that may damage the skin. But if you have yogurt, raw honey and almond oil in your pantry, you can actually make a homemade wrinkle cream for yourself. Yogurt has a natural exfoliating factor. The lactic acid of yogurt help peel off the dead skin cells through the dissolution of the ceramides. When there is fine lines, yogurt’s lactic acid increases skin thickness and prevents the moisture from leaking out. Almond oil is said to have plenty of anti-ageing properties. And raw honey too, with its capacity to etch away the skin’s surface by removing the bacteria and dirt, as well as, removing the dead skin cells away. Combining the three ingredients helps prevent wrinkles away synergistically.

  7. Papaya and Oatmeal as Exfoliants

    Through its exfoliating factor, papaya and oatmeal can help in removing and preventing wrinkles in the skin. By mixing at least two tablespoonful of papaya pulp with a tablespoonful of oatmeal, you can already have a natural exfoliant. Applying this to the face, massaging it for 10 minutes, and rubbing the mixture with flannel can help in slowing down the aging process as well as the development of wrinkles.




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