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Sunscreen - Sunscreen 2008
Written by Frank Mangano   
Tuesday, 10 June 2008 00:35


Many people do not realize that everything that touches their skin including creams and of course sunscreen are absorbed by the body and make their way into the blood stream. With this being said it is quite interesting that there are no FDA warnings or regulations on the cancer causing toxins and chemicals that can be found within these personal and cosmetic products. There are over 150 toxic ingredients in these personal products today that can potentially cause cancer. There is a law that was created by the FDA regarding these ingredients but it has never been enforced, which means  you are left to buy and use these products at your own risk and no doubt without realizing what you are buying.

Sunscreen is one personal product that has been under a great deal of scrutiny today as more and more studies are finding they do more harm than good. First, the only way sunscreen can block the ultraviolet rays we are trying to avoid is to put on multiple coats. The problem with this is that studies have shown the chemicals within sunscreen are actually promoting the growth of skin cancer. This of course is incredibly ironic when we buy sunscreen to protect ourselves from the very form of cancer researchers have found it promotes. This is one of the largest myths circulating today and a myth that can cause fatal results for those who use sunscreen on a regular basis.

Your skin is not the only area of the body that is negatively affected by sunscreen as we stated above, your skin absorbs these products and they enter the blood stream and head towards your central organs. The liver is the organ, which has been found to be harmed the most and this is the organ responsible for neutralizing all the toxins and chemicals within the body. This means consistent exposure to sunscreen, especially the products with fragrance can harm your liver in a serious way and even lead to liver cancers in the future.

The FDA has allowed sunscreen and other external products to be sold for years with the statement that they are not taken orally so they do not see the problem. The problem with this understanding is that although it is used externally, your skin is constantly absorbing everything that touches it. The more sunscreen you put on to protect yourself from the sun the more chemicals enter your blood stream and head straight for your liver. As we continue to use these products for years without this knowledge it can lead to a complete breakdown of your immune system when the toxic build up gets too much. This of course will then allow any form of cancer and other deteriorating diseases into your body without a fight. The failure of your most important organ, the liver, is also a very prominent result as well.

For anyone reading this report who has spent their entire life trusting in the abilities of sunscreen and other cosmetic products to protect them from skin cancer, it can be hard to believe what you are reading. Believe it! On the other hand it all makes sense and this is an angle of sunscreen, which has been ignored and hidden for years, until now.



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