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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 02:04


Olive oil is an ancient food ingredient that is thought to have originated around 7 thousand years ago in Crete. Even during ancient times, olives have been used as both food and medicine. Olives were spread by the Portuguese and Spanish explorers to the other parts of the world including America. And today, the production of olive oil is centered in the Mediterranean countries like Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy where its consumption is also highest.

Olive oil is one of the best sources of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.  These are healthy fatty acids that are good for one’s health.  People from Mediterranean regions who consume high amounts of olive oil have been found to possess healthier hearts and better health compared to people who come from other regions.  In a study conducted with 5600 participants, results revealed that going on a Mediterranean diet can significantly reduce a person’s risk of dying from natural causes. Researchers involved in the study dutifully followed-up all participants for a period of 6 years or more.  They found out that the participants who remained faithful to the Mediterranean diet exhibited a reduced mortality rate by up to 50 percent.  This is when compared to people whose diet included the consumption of trans fat rich foods. 

Often times, people know olive oil as a healthy food ingredient that offers various protective and preventive health benefits. The oil is usually added in food or taken as a food supplement in order to take advantage of these benefits. However, olive oil can also be used for more practical applications, although some may be unheard of.  Here are other uses of olive oil:

Softens Nail Cuticles

Dabbing a cotton ball with a few drops of olive oil on nail cuticles can help make it softer and easier to remove. There are different brands of nail cuticle removers in the market today but they can leave unsightly discoloration in the nails and result to nail damage. Olive oil has a deep moisturizing effect that helps in managing dry skin problems and treat calluses. For a more holistic foot care treatment, try massaging your feet with olive oil and wrapping it with plastic cling wrap and leave it for a few hours, and instantly, your feet will feel softer and hard calluses will be easier to scrub off. 

Skin Cleanser, Moisturizer and Softener

All the expensive products that you have can be replaced with just a bottle of olive oil. Olive oil has one of the best cleansing and moisturizing effects and because it is all-natural, it’s safe to directly apply on the skin and even on the face. Using natural oils can be an effective way of cleansing the skin instead of using skin cleaners that may clog the pores and leave trace residues that can make the skin dry and look dull. Olive oil has strong cleansing properties and can remove deep-set dirt from the pores. It can also be used to remove make-up and give the skin a thorough cleansing after a day of being exposed to skin-damaging pollutants.

Some skin care products boasts of having olive oil as their primary ingredient in promoting healthier skin. But these products also contain other chemical ingredients that can damage your skin and may not be safe for people with sensitive skin types. Olive oil is an all natural cleanser and moisturizer rolled into one. Use a piece of cotton to spread olive oil on your face or your hands to use it like body lotion. You can leave it for a few minutes before wiping it off with soft cloth or tissue, or taking a warm shower. Olive oil is highly volatile so you don't need to worry about it being hard to remove. You can also add a few tablespoons of olive oil in bath water or scrub your skin with a mixture of fine sugar and olive oil to exfoliate naturally.

Repair of Damaged Hair

The strong moisturizing properties of olive oil help in repairing damaged hair by replenishing hair moisture from root to tips. A quick all-natural hair repair treatment is rubbing olive oil into the hair and scalp, and leaving it there for at least 20 minutes. You can also use a shower cap to cover the hair. Adding olive oil with egg yolk and using it as a hair mask can help treat split ends and severely dry hair.

Ease Coughs and Snores, Especially at Night

Olive oil can help relieve persistent coughing by soothing the throat. It also helps in lubricating the throat and relaxing the muscles. Taking a tablespoon of olive oil before going to sleep and letting it sit there for a while in the lower part of the mouth before swallowing can help reduce snoring and promote better sleep. Olive oil can also be used to help soothe ticklish throat.

All-Natural Shaving Cream

A regular dilemma for most men is getting nits and grits after a morning shave. Although shaving creams and other shaving products help make shaving smoother, olive oil can also serve as a more natural and healthier alternative. The fragrances and preservatives in commercial shaving products can damage the skin and clog the pores. Rub a few drops of olive oil in your palms and rub it in the face before shaving. The oil also deeply moisturizes the skin and makes it look more vibrant after each shave.

Deal with Diaper Rash

Your baby's skin is a lot more sensitive than the regular adult's. So using certain products that may contain chemicals that is not suited for your baby's skin may only make the problem worse. Olive oil has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help relieve diaper rash and make your baby feel more comfortable and get better sleep at night.

Cure Earache

Olive oil is traditionally used as a natural cure for earache. Moistening a cotton swab with olive oil and applying it on the outer part of the ear cavity can help relieve earaches and excess wax. For earaches with throbbing pain, you can also slightly heat olive oil in a microwave and apply in using the same procedure in the affected ear. The olive oil helps in soothing the inflamed tissues in the ears and helps give relief.




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