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Organic Food - Organic Food 2006
Written by Frank Mangano   
Wednesday, 16 August 2006 01:24

Up until recently, a deterring aspect to eating organic was the lack of options when it came to finding foods that could be prepared quickly. It seemed as though convenience and organic were on opposite ends of the food spectrum.

Today, of course, there are myriad of convenient organic foods options, frozen and otherwise. But as with all things in life that offer options, some choices are better than others. And in my opinion, the best option for both taste and quality is Amy’s organic foods.

Amy’s was one of the original vegetarian and organic frozen food producers to hit the organic food industry, before “organic” was even a household name. Their revolutionizing the frozen food industry has spawned a number of organic convenience food competitors, but Amy’s remains the top seller. Since their very first frozen dinner sold (vegetable pot pie) to their new assortment of soups and chilis, Amy’s has set the standard on producing quality food by demanding quality production from their suppliers.

One of their chief demands is that their growers don’t use GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, in their vegetable production. Though the family-owned company knows most of their growers by name, they require all of their suppliers to guarantee, in writing, that their produce hasn’t been developed with GMOs. Foods that are genetically engineered have been altered in order to increase shelf-life and to enable crossbreeding vegetables (e.g. broccoli+cauliflower=brocoflower) via harmful pesticides. GMOs, in and of themselves, alter foods’ natural state, which goes contrary to the very definition of an organic lifestyle. Amy’s is aware of this and has taken the proper steps needed to keep their foods free of GMOs.

Another great part of Amy’s is the wide array of choices they offer. Because they’ve been around for so long, they have the experience and know-how to produce all the wonderful foods that have become popular with their fans in vast quantities. From burgers to burritos, salsas to soups, pizza to pasta, and a wide array of desserts and dinners, they’re all great-tasting, made with ingredients you can actually pronounce (unlike commercially manufactured “mainstream” frozen food choices).

And if you’re diabetic, lactose intolerant, or have high blood pressure, several of Amy’s food selections are geared specifically for those problems. And if you have dairy allergies: stay tuned, those product choices are on the way.

I have no financial interest in backing Amy’s organic foods. They are simply the best-tasting, natural convenience food on the market today, offering the “clean” organic foods that you’re looking for. I personally purchase and consume meals from Amy's Kitchen and I'm extremely satisfied with their quality and taste. But as LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow would say, you don’t have to take my word for it. I recommend you try these healthy meals for yourself.

Consider the number of publications that have written features on Amy’s, including People, Reader’s Digest, Vegetarian Times, Health, Entrepreneur and Veg News to name a few.

Among the praises Amy’s received, Reader’s Digest coronated several of Amy’s food choices in their “100 Best Good-For-You-Grub.” Health magazine endowed Amy’s Mediterranean Pizza with Gourmet Crust as one of their “25 Healthiest Fast Foods,” saying the pizza was “not quite pizzeria quality, but close.” Want one more? Los Angeles Daily News’ food critic Lisa Lillien chose Amy’s Mexican Tamale Pie as one of her “Top 10 Super Products.”

No matter how you slice it—or in this case, defrost it—Amy’s will satisfy every taste bud.

For more information on where you can find Amy’s natural organic foods in your area visit their web site:

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