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Headache - Headache 2012
Written by Frank Mangano   
Sunday, 10 June 2012 20:02


Headache is perhaps ranked as one of the most common health complaints by humans. Headache is the pain or discomfort that is felt around the head, at the scalp, and neck. There are several types of headache and it is based on different causes.

  • The most common among the headaches is the tension headache, which is normally experienced by men. Tension headache usually appears when the person experiences stress, anxiety, and depression and head injury. When the head is held for a longer period of time, such as when using the computer for a long time, pain sometimes occur. This pain is called tension headache.
  • Sometimes too, the head is placed in front of an electric fan which results to extreme pain. Another type of headache is the migraine headache. Several women claims that they get migraine headache before their menstruation; migraine is sometimes due to changes in hormone levels. The throbbing pain in migraines is usually felt only in one side. Before the pain happens, there is usually an aura, such as glaring lights or extreme odor or the feeling of nausea and then vomiting. For some people, migraine lasts for few hours to several days.
  • The last common type of headache is the cluster headache, which is a bout of severe pain occurring around the head.  

Headache is never a pleasant experience, especially when it is coupled with nausea and vomiting. There are several ways to reduce headache. The pharmaceutical industry has produced thousands of pain relievers for the headache, especially since it has already become a common disease owing to the stress experienced by individuals in this highly-demanding world. But there are foods that can help relieve the pain and discomfort of headaches. These foods act on the pain receptors located on many areas around the head and neck. Although there is no clearly explained disease process for headache, these foods have proven to be effective in remedying headache.

  1. Chili Pepper

    The idea of eating hot and spicy pepper sometimes gives one a headache, but chili pepper is indeed an effective food to remedy the pain experienced during headache. Headache is considered to be an inflammation of certain parts of the head that gives one of the inflammatory signs - pain. The capsaicin in chili peppers, the substance that gives its powerful smell, is found out to help in relieving pain symptoms, as well as the other symptoms of inflammation. Another preparation of capsaicin, topical cream, which is used mainly by those suffering from arthritis, might also be helpful when applied on the head by those experiencing headaches.

  2. Spinach

    If headache is due to an inflammation, while spinach contains anti-inflammatory benefits, then spinach is good for headaches. Spinach contains plenty of flavonoids that have shown o fight inflammation of the different parts of the body. According to some claims, spinach can lower the blood pressure, prevent the person from experiencing alcoholic hangover and relieve headaches.  If the reason of the headache is due to decreasing iron levels, spinach can help by retaining the iron levels of the body, resulting therefore to decreased tendency to experience headaches.

  3. Walnuts

    Among all the known nuts in the world, walnuts is considered to be the most healthful. In fact, just a quarter cup of walnuts can already provide the body with 94.5 percent of the required daily allowance of omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts is also high in antioxidants. The antioxidant benefits of walnuts can help in fighting against the inflammation reaction of the body. Since headache is sometimes the result of inflammation, eating walnuts may be beneficial in relieving the body from the pain experienced by the head.

  4. Ginger

    Ginger is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols. Several studies have been conducted showing that ginger is effective in relieving pain, particularly for those suffering from various types of arthritis. According to studies, the compounds found in ginger is able to suppress the substances known to trigger inflammation in the body, they are the cytokines and chemokines. With this activity, ginger is effective in reducing headache, which may be a sign of inflammation in the body.

  5. Salmon

    It may not be an immediate relief to an acute headache, but salmon can actually reduce the person’s tendency to develop headaches. This is due to the antioxidant found in salmon called the coenzyme Q10. According to findings, coenzyme Q10 can help strengthen the immune system of the body, protects the brain from free radicals and enhances the flow of the blood, particularly at the brain and head. Because of this, headache is prevented consequently.

  6. Water

    In most cases of headache attacks, the reason is due to dehydration. Especially during the summer months when the climate is excessively warm, there are several people who get headaches. The solution in this case, therefore is to rehydrate. But whatever type the headache is, this can be relieved by drinking water. Water increases blood flow into the head and the brain. Water also cools the body, especially the head. In a study made by Professor Andre Knottnerus of the University of Maastricht, patients who are having recurrent headaches were eased from the symptom after they were made to drink at least a liter and a half of water.

  7. Banana

    Bananas are known for its potassium content. People who have low potassium levels in the body experiences headaches. This is due to the imbalance of the regulation of minerals at the nerve levels. By eating bananas regularly, tendencies of having headache is reduced. If the headache, such as migraine, is due top imbalanced serotonin levels, bananas, which are rich in tryptophan, can increase the levels of serotonin in the body resulting to decreased chances of developing migraine headaches.

  8. Apple

    As always, an apple a day keeps headache away. For many individuals, they are using apples to cure headache. Just remove the rind and eat the apple with salt every day, headache is relieved. Although there is no available studies that justifies this claim, it has been effective remedy for many people. The reason for this may be because apple contains polyphenols that combat the compounds that causes degradation to various parts of the body, or it may be due to the ability of the apple to regulate the body’s blood sugar and insulin. If sugar is regulated, there is lesser tendency to develop hunger, and lesser chances of getting headaches.





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