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Gangrene - Gangrene 2008
Written by Frank Mangano   
Sunday, 27 April 2008 15:58


Gangrene is a term you have no doubt heard before but one you may not completely understand. This is a condition when the body tissues die and ultimately decay because of an insufficient supply of oxygen. Gangrene can affect just about any body part but is more commonly found to affect the extremities such as toes, feet, fingers and arms. Gangrene can also affect your internal organs and this can be especially dangerous and even life threatening.

There are two different types of gangrene, dry and wet gangrene. Wet gangrene begins from the result of an injury that becomes infected with bacteria. When an infection like this occurs it prevents proper drainage and therefore deprives the area of the required oxygen it needs for the tissue to flourish and survive. Some of the symptoms of wet gangrene include severe pain, swelling and tenderness around the area. Dry gangrene on the other hand is caused by a stop or pause in the blood flow to the particular area of the body.

Dry gangrene can occur due to many different conditions that include injury, diabetes, poor circulation or a blockage of a blood vessel. Symptoms of the most common type of dry gangrene are dull and aching pain and coldness in the area. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help decrease the risk of gangrene and those who are more prone to gangrene are those with diabetes and who smoke.

There are many natural remedies and alternatives to prescription medications that can help you prevent the onset of gangrene and maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  • Garlic is a potent herb that aids in the circulation of your body and the healing of damaged tissues. Garlic has the ability to cleanse the blood and keep the toxins out. The brand I personally use and recommend to others is Kyolic by Wakunaga of America.
  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids increases circulation and repairs tissue. Take a minimum of 5,000 mg daily.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps improve your circulation and boosts your immune system. The company Jarrow Formulas produce high quality CoQ10 formulas.
  • Calcium and Magnesium dilates blood vessels and improves your blood flow. Each of these can be taken in 2,000 mg dosages divided throughout the day.
  • Consuming a high quality protein diet can promote fast tissue repair as well.
  • Drinking 6-8 glasses of pure water a day is always good for your health.
  • Consume green drinks, which build up the supply of blood. I recommend “The Perfect Food Super Green Formula” by the Garden of Life.
Preventing gangrene is completely within your control and those of you with diabetes and who smoke are at a greater risk, which makes these nutritional guides and tips that much more important for your health. Gangrene can be a serious condition that can be debilitating in many ways if let get too out of control.



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