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Written by Frank Mangano   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008 18:56

With such outdated information regarding garlic supplementation’s ability to treat hypertension to be analyzed, the researchers at the University of Adelaide in South Australia took it upon themselves to collect and publish further studies. In their findings, the colleagues were able to discover solid evidence that proved that garlic could indeed lower blood pressure.

In the eleven studies located, most included giving patients either a dose of garlic supplement in powdered form or a placebo. Those who were randomly chosen to take the garlic were given between 600 mg and 900 mg, which they were instructed to have daily from anywhere between twelve and twenty-three weeks.

The results of these studies are best described by one member of the University, Dr. Karin Reid, who writes, "Supplementation with garlic preparations may provide an acceptable alternative or complementary treatment option for hypertension.” For the average user, garlic supplements were able to reduce systolic blood pressure by 4.5 mm Hg. For those who suffered with hypertension, their systolic blood pressure was reduced by 8.4 mm Hg and their diastolic blood pressure by 7.3 mm Hg. Although all the participants were able to lower their blood pressure through garlic, those with the higher readings had the most drastic results.

These numbers are very similar to what the typical drug treatment is capable of producing. ACE inhibitors lower the systolic blood pressure by around 8 mm Hg, while beta blockers average 5 mm Hg, both of which are lower than what the garlic supplement studies show and unnatural substances to put in the body.

There is more research to be done regarding the possibility of garlic having long-term effects on the risk of heart disease, but those looking to lower their blood pressure should turn to the supplement for that need. If one can still yield similar results as drugs and have the added assurance of knowing what they are putting into their body is something completely natural and safe, then why not try it?

Garlic has been regarded as one of the oldest healing herbs in the world. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used it for just about any ailment, soldiers in World War I and World War II used it to prevent gangrene, and current research has proven the effects of its many uses. It is known for its heart protection through reducing cholesterol and its effect on blood clots. Not only can it slow down their formation, but through fibroinolytic action can actually break up already formed clots.

Some studies have shown that garlic is capable of fighting against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. It has very effective antineoplastic and antimicrobial properties and there is even some evidence that suggests garlic can reduce the risk of stomach and colon cancers.



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