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Age Spots - Age Spots 2012
Written by Frank Mangano   
Tuesday, 12 June 2012 01:57


As we grow older, we experience changes in our body and the most frequent part of the body that we notice most of the time is our skin - most especially in the face area. Whenever we experience breakouts earlier in our lifetime, there are still traces of scars left as we grow older and somehow we consider them as imperfections in our body.

So what are Age Spots?

Age spots are also known as liver spots and they usually appear when we grow older. They are flat, dark pigments on the skin. These are quite similar to freckles but somehow much larger in diameter. Age spots are often the result from too much sun exposure over the years. However, they are harmless and painless but needless to say, this can affect your physical appearance and how you see yourself.

In this modern world, there have been high end technologies that can help you with your skin problems - especially diminishing age spots - and to feel younger looking again. There are numerous face and body products that are specifically created in order to address the increasing demand of instant beautification and to erase age spots entirely. But there are certain products in the market are not compatible with your skin type. So here are 6 natural ways to erase age spots, a natural remedy that as effective and as efficient - not to mention a cheaper alternative - compared to the ones sold in the market.

  • Lemon

    It's time to juice them up! Lemon is not only great for adding a twist to your favorite dish but it can also twist those imperfections around. You can either drink it or dab them to your skin. All you need is a freshly squeezed lemon and dab some onto your blemishes. Lemon has natural fruit acids that aides in lightening those pigment spots (and pimple scars) away. Applying them religiously twice daily will lighten your skin after a month of application. Also, drinking lemon juice helps detoxify your body, getting rid of all the impurities.

  • Onion and Garlic

    Onion and Garlic are readily available in your pantry and it won't even cost you that much. So how cool is that? With the onion, apply a freshly grated red onion juice/extract alone on the area or combine it with a teaspoon of vinegar and dab it on the areas you wish to lighten. Don't worry for any leftover extract, you can refrigerate it and use it on the following day. As for Garlic, crush garlic and apply it to skin. Onion and garlic can be mixed together as well. Grate the two ingredients together and mix a little lemon juice to incorporate it. Just be careful not to dry your skin out. It is better to use a moisturizing lotion after application to lock in the moisture and preventing your skin from drying out.

  • Buttermilk

    Buttermilk is not only considered healthy nor is incorporated to your favorite cake or dish but it can also help you with your skin discolorations. All you have to do is to religiously apply an ample amount to your face using a cotton ball twice daily and you will notice the lightening of your skin in a month. 

  • Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe Vera is a universal natural beauty remedy. It does not only treat you from your sunburns but it will also help lighten scars and age spots. In addition, it also helps firms your skin, treat burns and lighten scars due to pimple or acne breakouts. You can use fresh Aloe Vera if you have it at home or buy Aloe Vera gel at the local drug store and apply it twice daily after cleansing your face or the area you wish to treat and notice the difference within two months of applying.

  • Potatoes

    I say Po-tay-toes, You say Po-tah-toes. Either way, Potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties that helps decrease swollen areas like acne and pimples. Aside from that, it can also help lighten scars from breakouts and age spots. All you have to do is to thinly slice freshly peeled potatoes and rub it or place it on your face. After 15 minutes, rinse it with cold water and feel the difference of your skin. Applying this regularly will help decrease the discolorations and facial blemishes.

  • Brazil Nuts

    Nuts in general have natural oils that are good for the skin and your body. Popping a few nuts a day is already beneficial to your skin. Excessive consumption may lead to adverse effects and that is why, even though nuts are so delicious to eat, discipline is key for a healthy diet and a healthy skin. Selenium Deficiency is said to be one of the causes of age spots. Brazil nuts is rich in Selenium and eating a 2-3 brazil nuts daily will help you prevent from having age spots.

Not all regimens can fit to your liking and so, it is better to do trial and error until you find what is best for you and your skin type. In addition to your beauty facial regimen, it is best to pair it with a healthy diet and exercise (for better circulation). And most importantly, avoid too much sun exposure since it is the number one cause of age spots and wrinkling. Don't stay out when the sun is at its highest because it is the most damaging period for your skin. Apply a broad spectrum sun block lotion to your face and wear protective gears such as hats and umbrellas to give you that extra protection.

Remember that these are natural remedies. However, if you have very sensitive skin, it is best to notify your dermatologist about what regimen you wish to use for your face to avoid reactions and if the regimen is compatible to your skin. But for natural remedies, allergic reactions seldom happen. But it always pays to be more careful, especially when it comes to what you apply on your face and skin.





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