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Robert Miller, a Natural Health On The Web newsletter subscriber asks:

My wife gets weather related headachaes. Why would she get them and what can she do about them?

Answer by Consumer Health Advocate, Frank Mangano

Hello Robert and thank you for writing in with your question. At one time many people were not sure what to make of their headache symptoms when it was clear they were weather related. Today this has become such a common occurrence that there have been dozens of respected studies completed on this topic and more and more people are learning how to control these headaches. These weather related headaches are more commonly known as barometric pressure headaches. The cause of these
headaches is changes with the blood vessels and this is directly related to the pressure changes of the weather.

In the past many people believed it was the actual weather conditions which were causing their headaches or migraines, but this is not the case. It is not the weather itself as it is the change of weather conditions. Many people experience more headaches during the change of seasons, when the weather changes from a bright sunny day to a harsh and rainy day, etc. These are the types of weather conditions which manage to induce the headaches so many people throughout the world cannot escape.

It is not longer true that the people experiencing these headaches cannot control them. Now that you know what the exact trigger is it becomes easier to treat them and perhaps even prevent them with the right remedies. This is only one of the many weather sensitive conditions that people throughout the world suffer from today.

Many people choose to rely on prescription medication or drugs to relieve their barometric pressure headaches but there is more to medicine than what is available at your local drugstore. What more and more people have discovered is that alternative health treatments do more for their headaches than Aspirin or Tylenol ever will. Although there are many different types of herbal remedies on the market today, the ones recorded as the best solution for weather related headaches are the many different forms of natural relaxation.

Forms of natural relaxation include massage therapy, music therapy, acupuncture, aroma therapy and yoga. Many people are aware that stress is a build up which can cause headaches and think these alternative solutions are solely for stress related problems. When pressure builds up from weather and temperature change, these same remedies can be used to reduce the pressure within and maybe even prevent a headache before it happens.

Chiropractic help is one of the most trusted and well used forms of alternative medicine in North America today. Many people find out that their spine and other back bones are out of place which greatly contributes to headaches of all kinds. If Chiropractic care is something you have never tried before, maybe now is the time. Headaches are caused by many different things in today’s world; however weather is the most common. A qualified Chiropractor can help relieve this pressure for you.

Whether you choose to rely on the relaxation methods listed above or you would rather see a qualified Chiropractor, these are very successful methods of relief known today.

* Important notes: Frank Mangano is not a healthcare professional, and expressly disclaims any responsibility for any adverse effects occurring as a result of use of the suggestions or information above.

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