Obesity 2008

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1 Obesity Increases Risk of Developing an Already Common Condition Associated with Breast Cancer Frank Mangano 1805
2 Canadian High Court Ruling Deals Serious Blow to Obesity Epidemic Frank Mangano 1769
3 Study: 18 Percent Drop in Childhood Obesity if Fast-Food Ban Implemented Frank Mangano 1539
4 Obese Kids’ Organs Akin to Those of a 45-Year-Old, Researchers Say Frank Mangano 2050
5 Study: Obese Women More Likely to Seek Immediate Gratification Frank Mangano 1560
6 How a Tight Economy Often Leads to a Wide Society, Exacerbating Economic Downturn Frank Mangano 1648
7 A Violation Paid Not in Dollars, But in Pounds Frank Mangano 1551
8 Another Study Links the Flavor Enhancer to Weight Gain Frank Mangano 1839
9 Finding May Explain Why Obese Are Beset by Disease Frank Mangano 1629
10 Could Thinking Be Linked to Obesity? Frank Mangano 1567
11 Infertility Rises, Libido Falls, Among Obese Males Frank Mangano 1553
12 Study: People Who Separate Emotions from Eating Behavior Eat Better Frank Mangano 1671
13 Fighting the Genes that Cause Obesity Frank Mangano 1845
14 Study Indicates Mom’s Reaction to Stress Affects Kids’ Weight Levels Frank Mangano 1559
15 Study: Frequent Ear Infections May Be Precursor to Obesity Frank Mangano 1799
16 Exercising Portion Control as Food Prices Soar Frank Mangano 1758
17 Could All of America Be Overweight by 2048? Frank Mangano 2021
18 Drink To Your Health Frank Mangano 1502
19 Lies My Restaurant Told Me: The Shocking Calorie Count in ‘Healthy’ Children’s Meals Frank Mangano 1791
20 Poll Finds Nearly Half of Parents Believe Their Obese Kids Aren’t Obese Frank Mangano 1661

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