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Cancer - Cancer 2012
Written by Frank Mangano   
Saturday, 19 May 2012 18:14


Cancer refers to a big group of certain diseases which has various types, depending on its location. Its occurrence is directly attributable to the loss of control over the capacity of a cell to reproduce. This loss of control pertains to the inability of the cell to be reproduced in a more programmed and divided manner, which enables the cells to keep on dividing and multiplying uncontrollably; hence, making way for tumors or lumps to develop. Tumors might be benign, which is non-cancerous, or malignant. Basically, cancer is the result of abnormal and continuous proliferation of the cells, and the capacity of the cells to attack other tissues, either through direct invasion and growth on the tissue or through metastasis – a phase wherein the cancer cells are being carried on through the lymphatic system of the body or through the bloodstream. Also, cancers have different stages, starting from stage 1. The happening of cancer is really uncertain and unpredictable and it might hit any person at any time, although there might be signs and symptoms a person would feel or notice and would give him the hint that he has cancer.

There are a lot of researches and experiments that have been conducted in order for them to be able to come up with a medicine or treatment to cure cancers, but there have been very little positive outcomes as of the moment. Some may have created medicines which can ease the pain and minimize the tumor or lumps, but not those that can fully eliminate the cancer cells or restrict its coming back.

So, before things get worse, try to eat these anti-cancer fruits which will enable you to prevent, if not fully remove, the occurrence of cancer.

  • Strawberry. Strawberries are members of the Rose family, specifically the genus Fragaria. They have white flowers and a fruit that has pinkish-red edible flesh. Scientists who studied the components of this fruit have discovered that it indeed has a number of compounds which are responsible for inhibiting the generation of cancer cells in the body. One of the chemicals that can be found on strawberries is the ellagic acid. In the late 1960s, this acid has been discovered to be an effective tool in fighting cancer through slowing down the development of tumors. Aside from the ellagic acid component, strawberries also contain antioxidants which play an essential role in cleansing the body and removing the free radicals.

  • Grapefruit. Grapefruit is a member of the citrus family, having a yellow coating that tastes bitter, an inner flesh, and a juicy and tasty pulp. Since it is a citrus fruit, it is given that it offers a lot of health benefits for individuals. It contains bioflavonoids which are in charge of improving the activities of several enzymes in the various parts of the body – both internal and external, such as the skin, liver, stomach, and the lungs; and, for this reason, they are able to convert the fat-soluble carcinogenic compounds into water-soluble ones. Through this conversion from fat soluble to water soluble, the carcinogenic chemicals can be easily removed from the body and it would not be easy for them to be absorbed by the body. Also, grapefruit is composed of other phytonutrients such as lycopene, liminoids, and glucarates. All of them aids in combating cancer as well as other diseases. Both fresh grapefruit and grapefruit juice are effective in fighting the growth of cancer cells.

  • Kiwi. The kiwi fruit is a native of the lands of China and is widely cultivated in various parts of the world, most especially in New Zealand. This fruit tastes sweet and it contains a green pulp encased in a fury, brown coating. A research conducted in the previous years has found out that this fruit has an active compound which has the ability to block the development of carcinogenic chemicals in the body. Kiwi also provides a number of antioxidants which are very helpful in cleansing the body and removing the free radicals from the system. These antioxidants are brought about by the components of kiwi known as the flavonoids. Moreover, the vitamin C content of kiwi is responsible for improving the immune system of an individual and enabling it to protect the body from certain illnesses.

  • Pear. Pear is the fruit member of the Rose family which has a light green, sometimes brown, skin. It has an oblong shape that encases a juicy flesh. Pear is rich in vitamin C which enables it to shield the occurrence of various diseases. Also, it is rich in vitamin B2 and carotene which are both effective in fighting the cancer cells and minimizing the tendency of abnormal cells to grow in the body. The invasion of cancer cells as well as its metastasis is inhibited through a certain kind of antioxidant that stops the lumps or tumor cells in secreting protease.

  • Mangosteen. Mangosteen is a native of Malaysia. It is the round, violet-colored edible fruit of an evergreen tree that has thick, leather-like leaves. Its taste is somehow associated to that of the pineapple and peach. A number of studies have proven that it contains anti-cancer properties. Its anti-cancer properties are credited to its phytoceutical component known as xanthones. These xanthones are chemicals that put a stop on inflammations and reduce the size of lumps or tumors. Also, they are responsible for repressing the evolution of cancer cells.

  • Dragon Fruit. A dragon fruit is one which has a scaly, red crust that encloses the sweet tasting white flesh containing black seeds. It is a native to the central and southern parts of America. It contains a significant amount of fiber which enables it to act as a detoxifier to the body. Through detoxification, the body is able to get away with toxins that might cause cancer. Moreover, it is an effective antioxidant, given that it contains both vitamin C and beta carotene.

  • Blueberry. Blueberries have been recently tagged as the ultimate anti-cancer berry. They contain anthocyanadins and polyphenols which are excellent antioxidants. These two essential compounds found on blueberries have a lot to do with its ability to combat free radicals and decrease the probability of having tumors and lumps grow on one’s system. Fresh blueberries offer the best nutrients compared to processed ones.




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