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Olive Oil - Olive Oil 2012
Written by Frank Mangano   
Friday, 04 May 2012 01:53


Dating back at 5 B.C., olive trees were first cultivated in the Mediterranean, specifically in a place referred to as the Fertile Crescent in the Eastern part. After a few years, olive trees started to be grown in the Western part. As a matter of fact, at the time between 5000 B.C. and 14000 B.C., Kings in the lands of the Hebrews posed significant importance on cultivation of olive trees. Since then, almost all parts of the world were starting to grow olive trees. This extensive cultivation of olive trees was caused primarily by the belief of the Mediterranean culture that these trees produce “liquid gold”. The liquid oil they are referring to is popularly known as the olive oil at present.

Olive oil refers to the oil extracted from olive trees which are primarily used for culinary purposes. However, as time passed by, a number of studies and researches have been made and have found out that this liquid gold has other more purposes, aside from its culinary use. Below are the 7 natural uses of olive oil:

  • Hair Conditioner. Hair conditioners are usually sought after by people who have problems with their hair such as fuzziness and dryness. Frequently, these hair problems are caused by excessive styling. Basically, hair conditioners are hair treatments applied after shampooing or taking a bath. Olive oil is considered to be one of the best natural hair conditioners. The oil extracted from olive trees makes one’s hair look shiny. Also, it makes the hair softer and it treats the damages in the hair. After shampooing, apply olive oil on the hair starting from its roots. Massage it for 45 seconds and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it thoroughly on running water, without completely washing away all the oil. Another method is applying it on the hair after taking a bath and covering with plastic cap for 30 to 45 minutes. After that, wash the extra olive oil out through running water and a shampoo. The effect of either method is relatively similar and there is little to zero difference.

  • Management of Acne. Acnes are one of the most hated skin deficiencies that usually occur on the face. These are inflammations of the skin caused by excessive activity of the oil glands at the bottom of the hair follicles; which, for that reason, provides unnecessary oil on the skin. People who are in the stage of puberty are more likely to experience this, although other people who are not on that stage may have the same, given that there is a buildup of unwanted oil on the surface of the skin. Aside from excessive oil, bacteria may also be another factor for having acne.

    However, there is no need to go loco over having acne since there are a number of remedies for such, including olive oil. Mix 1/8 teaspoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of liquid gold. Apply the mixture on the area of acne using your fingertips and leave it for a minimum of 20 minutes. Subsequently wash your face on running water and pat, not rub, the towel to dry the acne. An alternative is making an olive oil paste through combining 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 4 tablespoons of salt. Mix it well and pour the paste on your hands; work on it around the face for not less than a minute and rinse afterwards with soap. However, one must put into consideration that not all skin types will react positively with this kind of treatment. When irritation occurs, stop the treatment and seek the help of your dermatologist.

  • Shaving Cream Substitute. Shaving cream is a toiletry that is composed of fatty acids and a preparation of soap which forms into a spongy lather necessary for shaving, usually the beard. Olive oil, even if not really a “cream”, can be a very good alternative for shaving creams. This liquid gold, although not commercially sold for cosmetics, is effectively nourishing and deeply hydrating, which makes it the better option. Being a natural lubricant, olive oil manages to provide a smoother shaving activity, given that it enables the blades of the shave to glide easier on the skin.

  • Grease Remover. Grease is a kind of lubricant, frequently a thick oil or slimy substance. When your hand gets in contact with grease, tendency is: it will become sticky and slimy as well. This greasy feeling can be removed by an olive oil paste made out of salt and olive oil mixture. Rub the paste on the hands vigorously and between the fingers for not less than 3 minutes and wash with soap afterwards.

  • Furniture Polish. Furniture and fixtures, most especially the wooden ones, are more likely to attract dirt and are also highly probable of having a faded look after quite some time. For that reason, they need regular care and maintenance. Olive oil will be of great help in keeping your furniture looking new and shiny. Mix white vinegar or lemon juice with this liquid oil, place it on a spray container, and sprinkle it on the furniture, accompanied by a clean cloth which is wiping it.

  • It helps Ease Snoring. Snoring refers to the husky sound produced through breathing while sleeping. This is caused by a vibration that occurs on the soft palate. It is believed that olive oil lessens snoring. Take 3 sips – the most – of olive oil before sleeping since it will make the throat and its muscles smoother. Through this, the occurrence of snoring is reduced and might possibly eliminate it after quite some time, as long as it is practiced religiously.

  • Earache Cure. Earache refers to the throbbing or painful sensation on the inner portion of the ear. The most common cause of earaches is due to the excessive earwax. Olive oil can be a good remedy for cleaning the earwax and removing its excess. Dip a cotton bud on the olive oil and carefully clean the outer part of the ear and slowly get into the inner lobe. Another way of applying is through heating up the liquid gold for not more than 30 seconds on the microwave and placing it on the area where it aches.




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