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Written by Frank Mangano   
Monday, 17 December 2007 19:39


A recent study has been released regarding the extremely powerful and new cancer drug, Sunitinib (Sutent). This particular cancer drug has been created to battle stomach tumors but this recent study has discovered a connection between this drug and heart problems for many patients. If you are battling a stomach tumor and considering taking Sunitinib or are currently taking it you need to be aware of your personal heart disease history. By knowing your own history and susceptibility, you can reduce the risk of enduring heart failure and other heart problems in the future.

It is important to remember that all drugs have risks and awards, but for those who already have a history of heart problems Sunitinib is a drug not worth the risk. This study looked at a total of 75 patients suffering from stomach tumors, which had not responded to traditional cancer treatments. The doctors involved in this study researched each patient’s medical background to find information regarding previous heart conditions before giving them this advanced drug. From this study a total of 8 patients, given repeated dosages of Sunitinib experienced heart problems including: 2 heart attacks and 6 heart failures. Ten more patients had a 10% reduction in the ability of heart pump and 15 more patients experienced a 15% or more reduction in heart function as a whole. These statistics, although may have something to do with the hereditary background of the patient, can be deadly for anyone with a stomach tumor.

Although Sunitinib might have the potential to save the lives of many cancer suffers, it also has the ability to create another deadly condition. It is studies like this that show people prescription medications are not the only option. Many cancer patients are exploring their options with alternative health methods. If this is something you are pondering, (and it probably is because you're reading this) you need to consult a qualified alternative practitioner before mixing any of your current medications with any type of alternative options. Alternative methods such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage therapy, aromatherapy and more generally provide a sense of relief for patients in regards to cancer symptoms.

Many cancer patients experience symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, anxiety, pain, sleep problems and more and these are the symptoms which alternative health remedies can help with. If you are experiencing fatigue, studies have found that massage therapy and yoga are great alternative methods to help lessen the feeling of fatigue without taking any prescription medications. For patients who cannot get relief from their nausea symptoms you can experiment with acupuncture, aromatherapy and even music therapy have been shown to relieve these symptoms temporarily.

Consider using all-natural alternatives with zero side effects. For example, selenium, which holds anticancer properties is maximized when taken with garlic. Garlic consumption has been associated with lower cancer rates of the stomach in both men and women. The chemical compounds within the herb stop tumors from spreading and from producing their own supplies of blood. Anticancer treatments even work well with garlic. If using a supplement, always choose a high-quality supplement such as Kyolic, which is odorless, organically grown and provides superior health benefits.

Next up is Maitake-D, which fights stomach cancer by activating the immune system. However, you should avoid maitake if you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.

A Japanese study concluded that the herb lentinan produced beneficial results in people with stomach cancer who had healthy protein levels. Intramuscular injection of the herb is recommended.

These alternatives and natural remedies provide great relief for patients who are constantly suffering from the unbearable symptoms any form of cancer can create. By choosing to rely on a professional alternative health specialist you are taking your pain and life into your own hands. As cancer patients are more than likely already taking more than enough prescription medications it is worth it to experiment with the alternative side of the spectrum. Again, it is important to work with a qualified healthcare practitioner before you combine any alternative treatments with your already existing medical plan, as the wrong combination could be more harmful than beneficial.



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