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1 Regular Exercise Reduces Colon Cancer Deaths Frank Mangano 3160
2 Exercise for a Healthy Heart Frank Mangano 2747
3 Make Exercise a Central Part of Your Everyday Life Frank Mangano 2100
4 Fitting Fitness into Married Life Frank Mangano 1928
5 Twenty, and more, Reasons to Exercise Frank Mangano 5313
6 With Protein and Exercise, Age Not a Factor in Muscle Growth Frank Mangano 6492
7 Exercise Helps Manage Sugar Levels, Study Says Frank Mangano 3382
8 Study Showed that Exercise Helps in Alleviating Symptoms of Thrombosis Frank Mangano 2089
9 Piano Music and Exercise: An Elderly’s Companion to Safety Frank Mangano 2870
10 Exercise Decreases Risk of Endometrial Cancer and Other Diseases Frank Mangano 2255
11 Study Says Resistance Exercises are Good for the Heart Frank Mangano 2717
12 Good News for Arthritis Sufferers: Tai Chi, and Some Foods, can Help Reduce Pain Frank Mangano 3019
13 Reducing Lung Cancer Risk: The Components of an Effective Diet and Exercise Frank Mangano 2239
14 Exercise, Exercise: More Reasons Why You Should Frank Mangano 2855
15 Health Benefits of Frequent Walking Frank Mangano 8404
16 Why Walking is Good for You Frank Mangano 6331
17 Aerobic Exercise in Fighting Insomnia and other Natural Methods Frank Mangano 1935
18 Lifestyle Intervention: Effective and Cost-Effective Means of Preventing Diseases Frank Mangano 3127
19 Genetic Tendency towards Obesity is not Destiny: Exercise as Proof Frank Mangano 2825
20 Warding Off Early Death Is As Easy As Taking A Daily Walk Frank Mangano 2107

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