Exercise 2009

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1 National Institute of Health Says Wii Brings Moderate Exercise Replacement Frank Mangano 1812
2 Study: Gentle Exercise Slashes Risk of Death from Heart Disease by 60 Percent Frank Mangano 1783
3 Multiple Studies Suggest Running Helps, Not Hurts, Knees Frank Mangano 2138
4 Exercise Benefits Even the Critically Ill Frank Mangano 1494
5 German Study Pooh-Poohs Antioxidant Benefits Frank Mangano 1700
6 10-Year-Old Study Says Exercising with Cold Symptoms Is A-OK Frank Mangano 1531
7 How All-or-Nothing Thinking Bilks People of Serious Health Benefits Frank Mangano 1657
8 Nothing Replaces Regular Exercise Not Even a Wii Fit Frank Mangano 1864