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1 Leukemia Drug Kills 4 Times More Patients Than No Medication At All 558
2 Fresh Raspberries Join the Fight Against Cancer 603
3 Common Fruits and Vegetable Varieties May Reduce the Risks of Commonly-fatal Lung Cancer 555
4 Coffee Can Prevent Certain Types of Cancer, New US Study Says 603
5 Green Tea Shows Promise as a Cancer Killer, Study Says 591
6 Compound in Broccoli a Potential Weapon Against Breast Cancer 644
7 More Evidence that Environmental Factors Contribute to Cancer 554
8 Looking for a Way to Cut Your Colon Cancer Risk? Try Omega-3 Fatty Acids 550
9 Vitamin K Sources Have Cancer Preventive Properties 589
10 Researchers Say Spicy Marinades Have Cancer-Fighting Properties 583
11 Bitter Melon Extract Shown to Block Cancer Cell Formation 654
12 Fumes from Gas Stoves Considered Cancerous by Researchers 587
13 Study: High Vitamin, Mineral Intake Associated with Decreased Bladder Cancer Risk 550
14 Cancer Research Study: 100,000+ Cancer Diagnoses Caused by Obesity 606
15 Onion Compounds May Cut Colon Cancer Risk in Half 530
16 Five Cups of Green Tea (or More!) Billed as Best Defense from Cancer, Says Japanese Research 568
17 Obesity Increases Deadliest Forms of Cancer 519
18 Comprehensive Harvard Study Indicates Exercise Cuts Colon Cancer Risk by 25 Percent 592
19 Doing One’s Best to Avoid Acrylamide 594